Occupational training in resilience techniques, management of workplace resilience, assistance in managing the signs of poor mental health wellness

Cardinal Corporate offer a number of services that provide companies with the tools and advice to create an effective and comprehensive mental health policy.

  • Analysis of existing mental health provision within the company.
  • Understanding how to join up your existing provision to deliver the government led standards.
  • Designing and delivering solutions such as resilience, leadership coaching, mental health days, clinic visits, one stop solutions for those in crisis.
  • Expert doctor led care, psychologists and residential care where preferred.
  • Day services, with regular seminars and the Cardinal Corporate mental health at work task force.

Below are a number of activities and tools that have been proved to aid in creating a holistic mental health policy.


  • Communicate openly about mental health
  • Occupational training in resilience techniques
  • Management of workplace resilience
  • Open and fair Work life balance

Stay Well

Yoga and Mindfulness

There is growing research evidence supporting the use of yoga as an adjunct or combination therapy for the management of stress, anxiety and depression. Mindfulness has been indicated as a potential mechanism of change but needs further research. Health care professionals may play an important role in supporting consumers to engage in yoga as part of their mental health care.

Stay Well

Eat Well and Nourish your Body

People with mental health problems are more likely to have a weight problem. The reasons for this are not fully clear. For instance, some people always feel tired and just not up to any activity. Others always feel hungry. Some of this may be related to the mental health problem itself; however it has increasingly become clear that weight problems may also be a side-effect of some treatments. This does not mean one should stop treatment because one might become mentally unwell again. Sometimes it is possible to swap to another medication. Alternatively, one can try to become more physically active or switch to better eating habits.

Stay Well

Family & Friends

Evidence shows that good relationships – with family, friends and your community – are very important for your mental health. It is always worth putting effort into maintaining your friendships or making new friends. Friends form one of the foundations of our ability to cope with the problems that life throws at us.

Stay Well

Turn off Tech, Technology Detox

Technology addiction is real, and it’s wreaking havoc on our mental health. One in three UK adults is so enslaved to their phone that they regularly check it in the middle of the night. Deloitte’s recently reported on a survey showing those who use the internet excessively show high levels of anxiety, problems with time management and planning, and “greater levels of attentional impulsivity”.


Supporting the Management of Mental Health in the Workplace

Corporate Mental Health Care