Strategies, techniques and training to enhance employee wellness

The Cardinal Corporate Be Well programme involves expertly designed resilience training and coaching, delivered by the very best business psychologists and psychiatrists.

Resilience workshops are, company-wide, an excellent platform to take the first steps in communicating your company mental health plan. Resilience is exciting and interactive and designed around being the best psychological version of yourself at home and in work, and understanding the science behind our own behaviours.

This is an engaging method to begin the challenge of changing a work culture to one where mental wellbeing at work is a welcome conversation!

The literature that we provide (which can be branded as your own) encourages personal development plans, and “buddies” to discuss some resilience achievements with.

The best talent now demands that employers provide an authentic work life balance, and development programmes such as resilience in order to develop life and career skills whilst in your company.

The Cardinal Corporate resilience workshops create a real buzz of a change in attitude to the way people think and talk about mental health, and offering teams, managers and top down resilience training ensures that people are relaxed enough to open up and enjoy the workshop.

Learning to spot signs of un-wellness for managers enables effective management techniques, and providing leadership coaching ( delivered by top business psychiatrists or psychologists) for one to one coaching can really enable the change to drip down and be authentic.

“Resilience has a most protective effect against depression, absence and poor productivity when job strain is high” (Shatte A et al, 2016)

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What is Resilience?

In a nutshell, resilience is the ability to quickly bounce back from adversity, illness and trauma and carry on positively with your goals.

Resilient people are flexible thinkers and actively look for the positive. The more resilient of us are evidently successful in both work and home lives.

People we recognise to have high levels of resilience include; Malala Youseafezi, Sheryl Sandberg, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson, Barack Obama, Usain Bolt Mo Fara

Learning Resilience – how can I be more resilient?

The great news is that we are all capable of learning higher resilience. The person delivering your work based resilience training must be a fully trained business psychologist, as the science of resilience lies in CBT.

What is the core learning?

  • Understanding how and why the body reacts to cortisol, the stress hormone, designed millions of years ago to “fight or flight”
  • Recognising personal traits which impact us negatively – (eg: do we catastrophise, are we controlling, do we expect too much?)
  • Understanding your authentic empathy level and the impact this has on your work environment
  • Creating a personal plan to build and increase resilience for a better work life performance and relationships at home.

What are the benefits?

  • Better engagement and focus
  • Clearer perspective
  • Calm, considered communications
  • Ability to “bat away” stress
  • Recovery periods built into your day
  • Positive, energised outlook
  • Lower sickness days
  • More productivity

Top down training


2 hours, at your offices or at Cardinal Clinic

General company training


2 hours, at your offices or at Cardinal Clinic

Women in business focused issues


2 hours, at your offices or at Cardinal Clinic

Why us?

At Cardinal Corporate, we have decades of experience in looking after company employees mental health care, this is our specialist area.

95% of all employees who come to the clinic work for a private company – from all different sectors, from technology, telecoms and aviation through to manufacturing and professional service firms. This includes all different grades of seniority (entry level through to the C-Suite) so we understand the myriad of different pressures in the workplace which can affect people and make them unwell.

Our resilience training is designed specifically around our many years of fully understanding the vital importance of wellbeing at work.

The professional, business psychologists delivering our resilience training are in the highest level of their professional fields. They are selected to be the most effective at delivering this specialist training to your employees.


  • “Helpful, easy to understand, knowledgeable”

    Liz Mylum Human Resources Manager Westcoast Ltd
  • “Really insightful. Great to hear lots of different perspectives and practical ways to overcome and support”

    Jessica Boyd St Mary’s University

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