Providing clinical assessment and assistance for employees suffering with poor mental health wellness.

In the era of increased pressure in the workplace, often due to the market led economy where competition and technology rule, people are feeling the strain more and more, across all levels of the corporate structure.

As recently reported by the latest ‘Britain’s Healthiest Workplace’ survey, 73 per cent of employees surveyed have at least one form of work-related stress, 41 per cent have two or more, and 20 per cent have three or more (The FT, October 2017)

It is apparent that we have an emerging crisis on our hands with mental health in UK business and that CEOs and HR people alike are seeking solutions to help their employees feel better and perform well.

Here at Cardinal Corporate we provide company mental health and wellbeing solutions across the spectrum, from prevention programmes through to outpatient and residential care for those people who may benefit from immersive therapy at our tranquil clinic.

Our resilience programme is designed and led by expert practitioners with the unique workplace in mind. This prevention programme is evidenced as increasing mental wellbeing and preventing pressure becoming depression and anxiety.

Over two-fifths of organisations have reported an increase in mental health problems in the last 12 months…there is growing evidence that it is in employers’ best interest to promote and support good mental health in their workforce. (CIPD September 2017)…

Causes of Struggling in Work

Workplace Stress

Workplace stress, unmanaged, can rapidly become an anxiety disorder or depression. This is when people at work may start to take sick days or become unproductive when they attend.

HR can be taught by one of our experts to spot signs of early un-wellness in people for earliest intervention and therefore the most rapid recovery.

Assistance in managing the signs of poor mental health wellness

Absenteesim, anxiety and depression

A major contributor to the increased levels of absence in the UK is the rise in mental health issues, which have increased by 71.9% since 2011 (Personnel today, March 2017)

We read everywhere about the increase in sickness days, and the huge contribution from mental health to this; “Anxiety and depression among UK workers up nearly a third in four years” (Independent, Oct 2017).

The extra pressures at work, deriving from new technologies, globalism, increased competition and a lean culture play a big part. In turn, we as employees seek to become more resilient to these pressures and demands in the workplace or we can become unwell.

Research now shows us that resilience is recognised as the key tool to protect us against stress related mental illness,
“resilience has a most protective effect against depression, absence and poor productivity when job strain is high” (Shatte A et al, 2016)

Making resilience a vital aspect of training for the workplace in 2017.

Get Well

Strategies for employee wellness

Get Well programmes are for employees who are struggling with mental health, and decide that seeing a mental health practitioner is the best route forward.

These personal programmes are delivered through our expert clinicians, which is designed to ease the journey for those in HR as well as of course, for the patient.

With a call or an email from you to our dedicated line, we can take it from there, communicating as appropriate, producing reports for insurance and HR purposes.

Clinical assessments mean that we can begin to look after our patient as soon as possible. The most appropriate Doctor at the clinic will assess and prescribe the best course of treatment for the person, which could include medication, period of In-patient care, talking therapies and work with families.

For example, some people may be drinking too often could be showing signs of addiction disorder, at the Cardinal Clinic we are expertly equipped to look after everyone.

Get Well


Depending on the Doctor’s assessment, and patient agreement, short, immersive residential stays at the Cardinal can sometimes be the most effective way to care for someone wishing to get back to their former self.

This can often be a good way to reduce time away from family life and work.

Offered within this expert treatment package is; a top, Key Consultant, Key Therapist and Key Nurse, as well as nutritional access to our dietician or discussing meal plans with our chefs.

Commonly used therapies for company employees; CBT, Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Detoxification, Mindfulness, Art therapies, prescription medication.

Room upgrades available.

Get Well

Day Services

For those patients who wish to experience an intense programme, we have the Day Service, depending on the Doctor’s assessment and patient agreement.

This service is available Monday to Friday, and people can come between one and five days. People come daily to the clinic and are appointed a key clinician to guide them through the programme appropriate and bespoke to their needs.

Offered within the package is support from your key consultant and a therapist if required.

Commonly used therapies for company employees; CBT, Psychotherapy, Group Therapy, Mindfulness, Art therapies, Prescription Medication.

Get Well

Outpatient services

Booked in via Cardinal Corporate with an appropriate Doctor as per patient’s assessment needs.
Appointments can be arranged within 24 hours, therapist appointment as per consultation and patient agreement.
Guidance and support with return to work planning.

All feedback to HR with patients’ permission.


Workplace management of mental health

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