Who is Cardinal Clinic?

Cardinal Clinic has been situated in leafy Windsor for the last 40 years. We are a high end private hospital specialising in mental wellbeing, with a large clinical group of 50.

We specialise in the mental health and wellbeing of companies and their employees. We are one of the very few private hospitals that doesn’t have NHS contracts, meaning the wellbeing of your business is our primary focus.

We are immensely lucky to attract only the very finest experts of the mind to work with us, meaning the quality of care and service we provide is recognised as outstanding.

What is Cardinal Corporate?

Cardinal Corporate provides umbrella mental health care for corporate clients.

Our mission is to provide outstanding mental health services across the spectrum, from expertly delivered “resilience workshops”, to looking after those who are unwell, always with the goal of helping your employees to have their very best mental health in work and in life.

Over two-fifths of organisations have reported an increase in mental health problems in the last 12 months…there is growing evidence that it is in employers’ best interest to promote and support good mental health in their workforce. (CIPD September 2017)…

A message from our Medical Director

Dear Reader,

Cardinal Clinic has been looking after the mental health of many company patients over the years.

These patients come from various sectors including aviation, technology, professional service firms, telecoms, automotive and oil and gas to mention a few.

The people we see can be from C-suite to entry level and depending on their initial assessment at the Clinic, they can be offered treatment as an outpatient, day patient or as a short residential stay patient.

We are regarded as the centre of excellence for private mental health in the South East. Specialising in employee care, we have built an outstanding reputation on confidentiality, trust, and the ultimate in expertise from our doctors, therapists and nurses alike.

It is with an innate understanding gleaned from our patients, as well as our relation-ships with Occupational Health and HR that we began to recognise a real need to put evidence based prevention methods, such as resilience workshops, in place.

These workshops are designed with the intention not only to curb the growing numbers of those struggling with mental health in work, but also to keep people psychologically well, thriving and performing under pressure.

We would really like to help you in any way we can – whether to discuss the evidence based resilience workshops, or how we can help you to most effectively manage people in work struggling with mental health.

Furthermore, we would be delighted to support your efforts to meet with the Government’s compliance “core mental health plan”, commissioned by Teresa May 2017, which has had a huge amount of research behind it to create a robust plan to lower your mental health issues and risks at work. (read the report here)

Best wishes,

Dr Jane Perera
Cardinal Corporate
Medical Director

Dr Jane Perera

Become a partner with Cardinal Corporate

We can take the pressure of company mental health and wellbeing off your shoulders, by offering a partnership which delivers holistic care, from resilience workshops, counselling and residential care where need be – to one off service for a specific crisis.

A consultation with a key doctor and business manager from Cardinal can help to understand what your company’s specific challenges and goals are, and how we can help to provide a mental health and wellbeing solution which is effective for your needs.

We can tailor all of our services to your needs, contact us for an informal discussion on how our services can promote mental health wellbeing in your company.


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Dr Fivos Cacoullis

Dr Lalitha De Silva

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Dr Paul Loughlin

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Dr Kevin Pankhurst

Dr Jane Perera

Dr Irene Yi


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Supporting the Management of Mental Health in the Workplace

Helping your business develop and maintain mental health compliance